Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well only one more week well actually a little less, till christmas, i have sucessfully made it to florida and it is warm warm warm. I love it. OUr house is amazing i wish i could stay in it for ever. But unfourtunatly i do have a life back home. lol. Today i met up with my aunt and little cousins. it was so good to see them again. they get bigger everytime i see them. not to mention they looook soo much different. I am really tired the drive down was okay. however it was almost impossible to sleep everytime i would finally fall asleep i we would go over a huge bump and the air matress would send me flying so i am hoping for a better nights sleep. Sleep sounds really good however i know that if i go to bed now i will be up at the crack of dawn and i dotn want to do that. I also met up with my grandparents. and it was good to see them. we had some nice conversations. I also watched twilight. and know i see what all the fuss was about. however i think the book was much better. the movie did better than most but i liked it. LOL. Tommrow i am going to go bake cookies with my cousins. i dont think i will be able to eat any though because my cousin is very adament on giving them to santa claus. So i doubt that we will have any to spare. Cause santa needs all he can eat. IT was soo cute we all played hide and go seek everyone did with the boys. including my mom, me , my sis. and my aunt and even my little one year old cousin. It was soooo adorable. I still have forteen more days...and i know they are going to go so fast. I miss sally. i talked to my grandma today and she said she didnt even whine when i left her there, she just whined when my uncle went to get the paper. THat is okay though i know that she still loves me lol. Her fur is getting so long i hope we let it grow out to where it was when we first got her she was alot prettier. I finished all of my christmas presents know i just have to was a few of them. My parents say that we are gonna have to work on this vacation, i just dont really want to do this but what else is there to do,,,,, o wait i could go tan.,.. i probably will if i complain enough they will say yes, but at the expense of them being really mad at me. so i do not know which one is better. iw ill probably just suffer on through it. THe house is so pretty though. Well more later in the week... Merry Christmas if i am not back before that.

Friday, November 14, 2008


So i admit, i have been slacking on keeping this updated....But it has been a busy last few months,, with school starting, majorettes, driving, and wintergaurd...
Right now i am working on my dads, moms, and grandmas Christmas presents. I wish i could show you pictures but, 1. i don't have any.2. that would just ruin the secret...

That sock i started ended up getting ripped out, because it was just ugly... i was going to start another one,,, its only to the cuff. I don't know what it is about the knitting a sock....i just do not like it.

I am also working on this scarf that when i knit seven of them and sew them together they make an afghan.

SOOOO hopefully i can finish all of my UFO's soon..they are starting to take over my room :-)

Special shout out to Kirsten-----We love ya and your beating this disease.

with love

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Wow its been a while hasnt it. i dont know why i havent updated. I finished a few things since last time i was on. Finished the lucy bags, my slippers, jills slippers, a couple of hats. a scarf. Well i have no pictures right now because my camera is dead. Last month i performed in the Cleveland Cavs Game, that was alot of fun. Yesterday was Majorette Tryouts and i finally made it i was soooo happy, no i was beyond happy. I am soo excited.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

what else to do on a flood day but knit

Since Pemberville is a bit under water today, I didnt have school. So here is what i have done. I finished a hat,

Worked on the sock that i started in the summer. Trust me it has gotten bigger,

Then this is what I have been working on the most, It is my lucy bag, I am liking it. I like all the blue in it.

Only one more day for all of us insanknitty knitters. One day till the retreat whos excited?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I hate WInd and storms,

What weather we had last night. Well i hope all your houses survived. I went to bed at like 930 last night and when i woke up it was 230. The bad part was that i woke up to THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. I really thought someone was in my room. So i sat up in my bed and i heard my dad. He was racing up the stairs and comin to my room to see where it was coming from. I asked him what it was and sure enough it was the siding to our house. We lost quite a bit of it. so at 230 in the mourning my dad was outside trying to salvage some of it, unfourtunatly it cannot be used again because it is all broken. My mom is my sister both slept thought it and the weird part is the damage is on my sisters room side. My side still has all of the siding on it, except for the part near the roof. and i am now on row 50 for my lucybag. i am doing it slowly but it is coming along. Heres a pic of the damage

Imagine the how loud that was. it was definatly scary. exspecially if you watched saw 3 the night before.

Friday, January 25, 2008


What?! no me bored never. Yes today,no the last week i have found myself being very very very intensly bored. So what i decided to do is spend some quality time,(a whole five minutes) with my dog sally. In these to pictures sally is showing off some beautiful sunglasses that i usually were during track, a nice blue nike hat,i dont know when i wore that last, she is also showing off a purple fuzzy scarf i knitted and a red bead necklace. Thank-you sally for helping with my bordness.

Now here are some pictures of what sally really looks like. Isnt she pretty. Dont get too attached she may look cute, but you dont have to live with her. This dog is annoying, has bad breath, and hogs the bed, and drools on you. But thats ok she cures bordem, and she loves to help. Trust me if you sit on the floor you cannot get away from her. I have to say i love her though. She is funny. She loves to chase my kittys. I have five. There names are mama(can you guess what she is) Popcorn chicken(aka PC my sis named this one), Shooter,Gasoline(my sis also named this one),and last but not least bucket. My little icon thing for my blog, that is my cat that got hit he was a lover, his name was Dodo. I named that one. Its a funny name i know, but i loved it. here is a whole run down of the cats i had, first there was mama(we never really gave her a name) and bushy, then came bob,lover,blackie, and bushett, then came casper. Now let me tell you something about casper, this cat was dumber than well i dunno as dumb as they come. this cat was weird. Howerver he was also one of the ones that stayed the longest. then came fatso(can you guess why he was named that)Marcus,Juinor,Junior II,sylvia,and two white ones that ran away.THen came this summer, four new kittens. Unfortunatley one got eaten by casper or something else we dont know. we never really got to name the other three, we thought about sugar and spice and sunshine, but then mama took them on a walk and when she came back they were not with her. So they got lost in the feilds somewere. so in all my grandma has had
18-20 barn cats.

and just to let you guys know i got all c's on my exams except my math one. on that one i got a 100%. I was sooo happy. and only like 2 weeks till the retreat. fun fun fun. well i have a baton compition tommorow, and it is now 9:12 and i have to get up at 6:30 so i am thinkin it is bed time.
tell me what you think,(aka comments please)
with lots of luv